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Welcome to GSI Sports

At GSI Sports, we pride ourselves on creating everlasting memories. Here, youngsters and adults alike can find their way to tournaments, leagues and camps ideally suited for the soccer enthusiast.

Whether you're searching for some friendly competition or want to compete against the best-of-the-best around town and the tri-state area, GSI Sports has the organized soccer events for you.

GSI was created in 2001 when Global Connections recognized the opportunity to combine travel with sporting events.

What began with only two soccer camps and one tournament today provides sports management and travel services to thousands of sports enthusiasts across the country.

Huw Savage
Tournament Director

Upcoming Tournaments

  • June 23rd - 25th

    Wisconsin Dells Showcase

    Sign-up Deadline - June 1st

  • July 8th

    Sporting Club 3v3 Classic

    Sign-up Deadline - June 26th

  • July 21st - 23rd

    GSI Summer College Showcase

    Sign-up Deadline - July 1st


Tournament Countdown

Wisconsin Dells Showcase  More Details

Upcoming Soccer Camps

Upcoming Tournament

GSI Fall Cup

GSI Fall Cup

September 11th - 13th
Sign-up Deadline - August 11th


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